What is the OPSd project?


OPSd consists of all our Ops and DevOps production experience encapsulated in an easy to use platform. It allows you to create and manage multi cloud environments in a unified and centralized way.


We developed an approach which assumes that all the cloud infrastructure components are divided into reusable modules. Once created, these modules can be used in different projects and scenarios.


We support leading providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Our extensive modules library includes both self-hosted and SAAS services which can be deployed on any cloud provider.

What are the main features?

Everything as code

By everything we mean both the infrastructure code and all the related procedures - no manual operations will be necessary.

Multi Cloud support

We support AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform which means you can setup twin environment on each cloud provider at the same time.

Fast delivery time

You no longer need to wait weeks or even months - you can have it delivered within days, no problem!

Security by design

We care very much about the security that is why the system is designed the way confidential data such as passwords would never leave your machine unencrypted.

Self documented

Infrastructure documentation will be provided automatically so you don't have to worry about it yourself.

What components will the system be made of?

Free modules

In order to be fully transparent, a large amount of the infrastructure code will be published under GPL licence. We are open to constructive criticism and community contribution.

Paid modules

Customers who wish to take advantage of our paid plan will have access to a repository where they can find additional infrastructure modules and related procedures such as backup and restore or scale.

User interface

The graphical interface simplifies the process of creating and managing the cloud infrastructure. Using drag-and-drop method, you will be able to setup your tech stack.

Timeline of project phases

Project step Status Estimated delivery time Completion
Free modules
pending Q1 2021
Paid modules
pending Q1 2021
User interface
planned Q2 2021

We also provide additional care


If you have a working development pipeline and you want to integrate it with OPSd - we can take care of it.


Our extensive documentation should be sufficient to understand the project concept, but we can organize additional training sessions if you wish.


If your cloud infrastructure is mission critical, we can provide support ranging from on-demand to 24x7 plan.